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FAQ (Future Anticipated Questions)

   Who owns this website?
These two guys:

Lew Chandler
Neal McLain

Lew is the site's instigator, co-founder, angel investor, chief photographer, curator, and guiding light.   He's an old cable veteran who started as a grunt and has done everything else over the years.   Lew has been collecting old cable TV equipment for years, and has a basement full of the stuff to prove it:

Photos: Lew Chandler

Neal is the site's co-founder, occasional photographer, editor, and webmaster.   He is a retired cable TV engineer who formerly worked for TCI, Comcast and Warner.   He now lives in Texas and devotes his energies to building websites, including this one.

Neal's collection includes magazines, books, maps, and other documents about the technical side of the broadcast, educational, satellite, and cable television industries.

   Where did you get all those photos?
  • Equipment and parts: Each photo was contributed by the person named in the credit line under the photo.   Unless otherwise noted, the person who contributed the photo also owns the copyright to the photo.

  • Publications: Each publication was contributed by the person identified as the contributor.   Unless otherwise indicated, the original author(s) of the publication own the copyright to the publication.   If no contributor is identified, a reference on this website is a link to a page of unknown authorship.
   Do you accept contributions?

Certainly!   We are particularly interested in the following:

  • Equipment and parts: Cable-television-related equipment and parts, whether working or not.

  • Photographs: Photos of equipment, parts, antennas, towers, headend installations, outside plant, customer premises equipment, studio equipment, access-channel facilities, even headend and office buildings.   For each photo, please identify the object shown, the location, and the photographer.   If possible, please indicate the approximate year when the photo was taken.   If you did not take the photo yourself, please verify that you have the permission of the original photographer.   We prefer JPEG images, but we can accept GIF images or images embedded in WORD or POWERPOINT files.

  • Publications: Cable-television-related publications such as photographs, installation manuals, service manuals, catalogs, price sheets, catalog cut sheets, and magazines.   We can accept them as scanned JPEG images, scanned GIF images, PDF files, Microsoft WORD documents, text files, or HTML files.   We also accept paper documents; we'll scan them and return them to you.

To discuss specific items, please contact Lew Chandler at curator@theoldcatvequipmentmuseum.org .

   How is this website funded?
This website is a labor of love on the part of the present owners.   At the moment, it is entirely funded by Lew Chandler out of his own pocket.

It is our hope that long-term funding can be found that will support this site in perpetuity.   We desire an arrangement that would ensure its survival after the present owners are no longer able to do so.   We would welcome an offer of a permanent endowment, or an offer to take over the site and support it on a permanent basis.

   How can I contact you guys?

Lew Chandler: waywrdho@aol.com

Neal McLain: webmaster@theoldcatvequipmentmuseum.org

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