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CableTV List
Welcome to the CableTV-List.   This list is the continuation of a list that goes back to August, 1994.   If you're interested in chatting about cable television technology and related issues, please consider joining our community.   We have very few rules, other than civility and friendship.

Loyal Order of the 704
We are glad you have joined us.   Membership in the Loyal Order is upon nomination by a current member, usually someone who knows you, or is afraid of you.   Generally, the qualifications are 30+ years in cable system tech side ops, and the ability to tell great lies about how your (alleged) use of a 704 saved this or that from nuclear destruction or other substantial embarrassment at the induction ceremony.   A stiff drink helps.   This site sponcered by http://catvjbs.com

SCTE-List is an electronic mail forum that enables technology professionals in the cable telecommunications community to discuss issues, exchange knowledge, share ideas and problem solve.   SCTE membership is required.

Telecom Digest & Archives
This is a not-for-profit, non-commercial service.   It is funded entirely by sponsors and gifts from friends such as you!

Telecom Museum Group
Welcome to the Telecom Museum Group! This group is open to all who run or volunteer at a telephone museum. It is hoped this will become a place for discussions which will help all members and museums.

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