The Old CATV Equipment Museum

Museums: Cable Television

Cable Center Equipment Collection
Coffee can amplifiers.   Signal processors.   Vacuum-tubes that glow in the dark.   These are just a few of the more than 2,000 pieces of equipment that trace the fascinating history of the cable industry from the transistors of the 1950s to the fiber optics of today.

Cable TV Collection
Racks and stacks of old CATV equipment in Lew Chandler's basement!   It's not an official "museum," but Lew is always happy to show it off to visitors.   Lew is the instigator, co-founder, and guiding light of this website.   If you've spent much time surfing around on this website, you've probably noticed that he contributed most of the photos.

Canadian Cable Pioneers Museum
A still-under-construction virtual museum sponsored by Canadian Cable Pioneers

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